Activewear is no longer for the sole purpose of exercising or for a sport. You can wear your activewear with some jewelries in a chic and casual way !

It makes sense to pair your simple but flirty make-up and jewelries with these fun and casual but totally practical outfits because athleisure is here to stay. Take these comfortable but hot outfits, your favorite necklace on some eyeliner, and you'll be 'Insta Set' for posing in your cute athleisure outfits forever!

Keep reading to understand how, while remaining trendy, you can accessorize your daily athleisure look.

Trendy and Minimalist Jewelry !

A simple pair of our gold plated hoop earrings and the Julia thin chain necklace or Isaya bracelet are all a girl requires to rock a solid women's athletic outfit with the rise of modern minimalist fashion and the search for quality and versatility!

You can pair with our collection of small and light rings all under 25£ as it will add the ideal street style touch to your athleisure look. With our large collection you can mix and change up your accessories to give a fresh look to the same style outfit. Only keep in mind not to go overboard — To help with this our cute athleisure Jewelries are made light weight so they won’t distract you from your performances.

Want to add a touch of Make up ?

Use a base that provides light to medium coverage. Use one that has SPF or moisturizer mixed in for an added benefit.

Choose a non-comedogenic makeup line, meaning if you are going out for workout, they will not obstruct pores. You also want waterproof formulations so that your look isn't messed up by your sweat. Note : there are now more beauty items explicitly intended for use at and after the gym ! Let me know if you want to know more about this.

You can also skip the makeup and go for a quick swipe that elevates women's athletic outfits with just lip gloss and waterproof mascara.

Complete your athleisure look with our minimalist under 25£ collection !


February 10, 2022 — Seola Jewelry